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          太原一對一輔導 —— 尊崇個性定制 獨享授課時間 完美授課效果




          Per-Tutorial Consultation-課程顧問與學員單獨咨詢了解培訓需求,協助選擇培訓方案及師資

          Per-Tutorial consultancy course consultants and trainees individually consulted for training needs, assisted in selecting training programs and teaching staff.

          Per-Tutorial Meeting-學員與輔導老師面談擬定教學進度和方案,初步排定教學時間

          Per-Tutorial trainees interview with the tutor to draw up the teaching progress and plan, and schedule the teaching time.

          Tutorial Meetings-依照預訂時間完成VIP學時

          Tutorial sessions - completing VIP hours according to booking time

          Feedback Meeting-課程顧問與學員進行課程后期的跟蹤面談,了解學習情況,制定后續的學習計劃(如學員有進一步需求)

          Feedback course consultant and trainee follow up interviews with students in the later period of the course, understand the learning situation, and develop a follow-up study plan (for example, students have further needs).


          [the advantage of the course]


          Tailor-made courses


          The tutoring of one to one courses is different from that of ordinary face-to-face classes. The lecturers will customize the contents of lectures for the students, and will prepare specific teaching notes.


          Not subject to subject


          The subject of ACCA course has a very high relevance. When one to one tutor, the lecturer will not only be limited to a particular subject, but expand the knowledge teaching to the related subjects. It can help the students to pass the ACCA general examination for the goal, find out the vacancy and consolidate the foundation.


          Flexible schedules


          Only by consulting with lecturers, students can flexibly arrange class hours and make them more convenient.


          A more convenient answer


          The biggest advantage of one-to-one counselling is reflected in answering questions. All kinds of personalized problems of students can be solved in one-to-one teaching process.

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